Galleries Guide

Galleries Guide

Welcome to MAD on C where you will find two types of galleries for listing and viewing objects:

- Commercial Galleries (gold); and

- Social Media Galleries (blue).

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The Commercial/Trade Galleries

There are 13 Galleries in all in 6 different communities listed below. The Galleries

 1. The Trade Listings come first where the trade lists object for sale or listings for objects they want to buy. If you have one, get in touch!

 2. The second is the Members Listings, the same types of galleries but where members (who are not Trade) can list objects for sale or something they are looking for.

 3. Third are the, what we call 'Organisations & corporates' Listings, any company looking to sell services to the collections the Trade or collectors on the Collections Industry. They also include the post offices and Mints around the world.

 4. Fourth is the Price Watch Gallery where you can find out about the prices objects have sold for in the past. Important if you are looking buy and are struggling to know what to pay.

 5. Fifth is what's called the Trade Bourses, which are galleries for all sorts of different purposes, but where only the Trade is permitted to list and view objects. A sort of wholesale marketplace reserved for the Trade.

 6. Sixth is the Trade Services Listings, for services offered by the Trade to the collecting public. Not objects, but services being advertised by the Trade.

Remember in all of these Galleries, you only need to search your object of interest, and up comes the objects you want for that gallery type.

 1. Commercial Listings by Trade

     + For Sale 

     + Wanted to buy

 2. Commercial Listings by Members

     + For Sale

     + Wanted to Buy

 3. Commercial Listings by Organisations / Corporates

     + Organisations/Corporates - Sales Listings

     + Organisations/Corporates - New Releases

     + Organisations/Corporates - Exclusive Offers

 4. Price Watch (for all)

     + Sales Realisations

 5. The Trade's Bourses

     + Trade Only

     + Trade / Museums Only

     + Museums Only

 6. Trade Services Listings

     + Trade Services Offered

 7. The Trade's Galleries

     + 'Objects of Interest'

     + Trade 'Objects of interest' Listings

The Social Media Galleries

There are 23 Social Media Galleries for listing objects, services, stories and more besides in 10 different areas of interest. They are listed below.

 1. First, come the Trade Galleries where the Trade can list objects of interest, not for sale, but for viewing, by everyone.

 2. Second, The Members Galleries where they too can list Objects of interest, to share their favourite objects with the world.

 3. Is Clubs Galleries, a series of Galleries where the collecting clubs and societies of the world can list objects of interest in different ways.

 4. Is Museums Galleries, where its the turn of Museums to share their objects of interest and other things with the world.

 5. Organisations Partners Past Releases, which are the objects that have been released in the past by the Post Offices of the world.

 6. Is the Restricted Gallery, reserved for objects that are of a risqué nature and unsuitable for viewing by younger audiences.

 7. Are the Communities, specific Galleries dedicated to specific areas of interest. They are explained in more detail here.

 8. Are Events, for sharing upcoming events, it may be an auction, a fair, an exhibition and much more.

 9. And finally Jobs, where those offering or looking for jobs in the collections industry can connect.

10. Directories, lists of the Trade members and clubs registered on the site, but NOT members. Members identities are hidden on MAD on C to protect privacy.

Remember in all of these Galleries, you only need to search your object of interest, and up comes the objects you want for that Gallery type.

 1. The Trade's Galleries

     + 'Objects of Interest'

     + Trade 'Objects of interest' Listings

 2. The Members' Galleries

     + Objects of interest

 3. The Clubs' Galleries

     + 'Objects of Interest'

     + Pic Post

     + Collectible Trivia

     + Court of Honor

 4. Museums' Galleries

     + 'Objects of Interest'

 5. Organisations/corporates Galleries

     + Past Releases

 6. Restricted Gallery

 7. Communities

 8. Events

 9. Jobs

 10. Directories